I: Cuban response to the Ebola Crisis in Africa. click here

Includes a Dec 3, 2014 editorial by the Guardian that includes "If Barack Obama wants to do something worthwhile in his final years as president he could use Cuba’s role in the Ebola crisis as an opening to start to lift that blockade and wind down the US destabilisation war."

II: The New Normalization? click here

(an important article that lays out a 'roadmap' of how Pres. Obama could use his 'unfettered' to normalize relations with Cuba -- whenever he chooses)

III: The New York Times speaks out: Cuba - a New Start

  • In Cuba, Misadventures in Regime Change

read the story NOV. 9, 2014 **Leer en español**

  • Editorial: Alan Gross and the Cuban Five: A Timeline

Read the story NOV. 2, 2014 leer en espanol

  • Editorial Observer: Still Pondering U.S.-Cuba Relations, Fidel Castro Responds

Read the story OCT. 14, 2014 **Leer en español**

  • Editorial: Obama Should End the Embargo on Cuba

read the story OCT. 11, 2014 **Leer en español**»

  • Editorial: Cuba’s Impressive Role on Ebola

OCT. 19, 2014

  • Editorial: The Shifting Politics of Cuba Policy

read the story OCT. 25, 2014 **Leer en español**

  • Letters to the Editors: (printed in response to the NY Times Editorial series,)

    • including a letterfrom IFCO's lawyer, Linda Backiel, Oct 29.
    • More Nov 6 (from Milwaukee's Art Heitzer, Esq. and Peter Kornbluh/William Leogrande)